About DongDu

Dongdu is a leading company exporting safety fences and safety netting, based in North China. Our major products cover HDPE, plastic, nylon and UV stabilized PVC in forms of nets and mesh fencing. Plastic mesh and safety fencing featuring economic cost and high tensile strength are widely used in various industries including construction and building, agriculture, home and garden and public services. As snow fence barrier net, barrier of construction sites, debris netting, swimming pool safety barriers, road works, agricultural netting, home and garden plant supports, traffic and crowd control, hazardous areas warning and safety uses.

Plastic and Metal Mesh for Mobile Fencing

Traffic Control and Crowd Control Temporary Fence

We supply flat extruded plastic mesh and metal mesh fencing for temporary or emergency traffic control. The square hole or diamond mesh safety netting enjoys high strength and allows high visibility. Types include plastic mesh, chain link fence and other metal mesh. The temporary control fence is lightweight, portable and can be re-used. Learn more.
Extruded Plastic Mesh Flat Panels

HDPE Rigid Mesh Safety Fence

HDPE fence is light weight, easy to erect plastic mesh fencing for perimeter safety. It provides higher visibility and strength than standard barrier tapes. Supplied in rolls or cut sheets. Economic alternative to metal fencing materials. Learn more
Orange Snow Fence
PE/PP Orange Safety Net for Warning of Snow Areas
Snow Guarding and Protective Netting. Pastic nets for snow warning and plant / tree guards. Orange, white or black plastic trellis in rolls or pieces. Made of 50%, 70% and 90% flame retardant plastic mesh materials. High Tensile orange and other color safety fence PP or PE Grades caution warning grids. Low cost and easy to carry. Protective warning fencing as well as guarding fence.
Perimeter Fencing & Steel Fencing Decorative and Protective
Construction Sites and Other Dangerous and Work Area Safety Permieter Fence & Warning Barriers
Perimeter fence for sites control barrier, mainly construction site, swimming pool, hazard area or site, machines protection areas. Also ground control barrier for pedestrians and vehicles movement inside the premises. To keep intruders out and keep people working inside safe. Warning barrier made of Plastic or PVC mesh.
Keeping Debris Falling from Scaffold Surrouding Construction Area
Debris Netting & Scaffold Netting for Construction Industry Safety
Also known as construction safety net. Scaffolding nets made out of 100% virgin HDPE / Nylon with Anti-UV protective additive agent in Twisted and Braided constructions. The safety netting is designed meeting International Standards with a combination of Industrial Ropes at the Border for Shock Absorption. Can be hung vertically or horizontally to keep the scaffold falling debris and to keep construction workers safe. Avoid hurt may happen during construction period. Used as scaffold netting, sandblast or paint spray netting in various constructions. Learn more.
PVC Netting for Vegetables and Plants Growing Environment in Seasons
Agricultural Netting & Bird Control Fence
Knotted flexible plastic mesh for greenhouse shade netting, anti-bird netting and wind netting for agricultural uses. PVC fabrics with open weaves allowing air movement. To preventing birds, to keep temperature control and keep wind out of the greenhouse. To ensure that the plants or vegetables to grow inside. Also used for fishing farms to protect shrimps and fishes from the birds.